The flexium Loader can be downloaded and started from this
page using Java Webstart. The loader connects to a flexium
database from where it will download the application files.
This structure ensures that the application and database
versions are in perfect match.

A flexium alkalmazás telepítése 3 lépcsős:

Flexium installation is done in 3 steps:

  • We should enable the running of the WebStart loader application from the web page.
  • Using Java Webstart, first the flexium loader must be started. The loader connects to a selected flexium database, which must contain the application files.

  • The loader downloads from the database and installs locally all application files including user documentation, print layouts, templates, etc. N.B. the loader checks the local files, and those that are up to date are not downloaded.

Once the installation is completed the loader will launch the application.
The loader later can be started either locally or from this webpage, it is the same.

Webstart instructions

Flexium is operating with the use of Java Runtime Engine. JRE is a property and trade mark of Oracle and it is free to download. Most of the browsers will download the JRE automatically. During the webstart few security questions and warnings will pop-up. The form and text of these messages depends from the browser and operating system, but the basic content should be similar.

First we should enable in the Java Virtual Machine that it could download and start any Java application from the web page.

To do it we should go to the Control Panel / Java Control Panel, and ther set the appropriate (High) security level. And add the sit to the Exception Sit List.


After that you could start the loader using the Download link.

If the JRE is already installed then Java(TM) Web Start Launcher option should appear when clicking on the download button.


If for some reason the browser does not associate the flexium.jnlp file with the Java(TM) Web Start Launcher then it can be selected manually: jre/bin/javaws.exe


It will than ask you to grant unrestricted access to the computer's resources, here click "Yes", because the loader must install the application files to your computer.

By arriving here the Flexium loader application is able to connect to the appropriate (demo) server.

Downloading and installing application files

The installation steps are follow:

  • Set up the server connection
  • Set the installation directory, where the loader can download the application's packages
  • Authenticate into the appropriate database
  • The loader download the application files to the chosen directory.

By downloading the webstart loader you can see the authentication screen. Here you should set the installation directory. Then click to the "DB servers..." button to setup the server connection.


Here you can create a new server connection by pressing the "Új" button. Here you can set the connection parameters.

You must set the following parameters:

  • The description of the server. Later you can reach the server by this name.
  • IP address
  • Server username
  • Server password
  • Port
Database connection parameters

To access to our Demo server, please ask our colleges for the appropriate password!

After set the proper parameters, you can test the connection by pressing the Teszt button. Then save the connection by the Ment, and close the window.

By returning to the initial authentication window, you must set the user name and password in use in the Flexium database. Please note that this is different from the server authentication, here we set the Flexium user' data. Then choose the database and enter into by pressing the OKbutton.

By using our Demo database you can use the empty username and password.

Then the loader starts to download the system files. It can take up to 2-3 minutes, depending on the speed of yout Internet access.

File transfer

After you succesfully finished the above steps then Flexium ERP system starts automatically
It's important to mention, that the licenc keys are connected to the klient computers, so you should ask new licenc key for each computer you are using on. The system allows maximum 1 user at a time without licenc key registered.

Thank you for you attention and trust!