Finance / Accounting

Supports all banking and cache handling, mixed
and invoice based automatic accounting together
with all necessary report genaration.

Flexium supports both international and Hungarian accounting rules and regulations. Accounting parameters are configurable in a special table, the accounting dictionary, supporting individual accounting requirement without the need of tailor-made modules. Sales and purchase processes automatically generate all related accounting documents, no separate action is required from the user. Besides the particular banking and account practices our system supports a wide set of special Hungarian requirements that are not used elsewhere.



  • small amount cache rounding (<5 Ft)
  • rounding is configurable based on currency and area of use (banking, accounting, invoicing, reporting,...)
  • automatic delivery date calculation for continuous service invoicing


Supported processes:

  • Mixed accounting
  • Banking
  • Cache handling
  • Rounding and currency exchange
  • Configurable small-amount automatic accounting
  • Automatic or delayed reconciliation
  • Dimension handling: project, profit center, cost type
  • Item, Item group or warehouse based accounting