The core of the Production module was designed with a strong
emphasis on the needs of different industries. It allows easy
customization for all industry specific support functions that assist
the manufacturing from individual project manufacturing to the
large quantity mass production.

The Production module of the basic system provides support from production forecast to production end reporting. The master-sheets belonging to each product -ready- or intermediate products, commodities, etc.-, facilitate the documentation, record keeping and searching.


With the help of production-recipes records of materials, tools, processes and instructions are kept and production costs become calculable. Starting of the manufacturing process is possible with and without the selection of the appropriate recipe. With the use of the module even multi level production process expenditures can be followed.

In combination with the Material demand-planning module the Production module makes the link between the sale and purchase processes. The capacity demand planning, the human and machine resource scheduling and other incurring functions are developed based on our customers’ demands.


Preconfigured processes: